Thanks for visiting my personal website. May God’s grace and peace be with you. You’ve probably come because you’d like information about my work at Yale University, or because you want to know about my work with Doulos Community in North Africa, or because you’d like biographical information about me.


Yale University:
I serve as Pastor of the International Church at Yale, a worshiping community of international scholars and families who come to Yale from many nations. I have also served as Director of the Reconciliation Program at the Yale Center for Faith & Culture. The Reconciliation Program is currently inactive due to a shortfall in donor support, but I continue my work with Muslim, Christian and Jewish leaders around the world from the platform of the International Church at Yale. The Reconciliation Program seeks to promote reconciliation between Muslims and Christians, and between Muslim-majority nations and the West, drawing on the resources of the Abrahamic faiths and the teachings and person of Jesus. For my articles on related issues, click here. If you’re interested in helping to reactivate the Reconciliation Program, please contact me by clicking here. For information about the Yale Response to the Common Word, of which I was one of the authors, click here.
Doulos Community:
Doulos Community is a Christian humanitarian organization working among the poor in public health, nutrition, agriculture, literacy, education, microcredit and other areas. For fifteen years (1985-1999 and 2001-2002) I served as Director of Doulos Community’s work in the Islamic Republic of Mauritania, in North Africa. My wife served as Director of our Nutrition & Health Education Department. I continue to serve part-time as International Director of Doulos, and Michele continues to serve as Team Leader Overseer, overseeing the Doulos program in Mauritania. We spend time in Mauritania each year.

Our largest program in Mauritania through the years has been a Maternal-Child Health program, providing food and health education to about 30,000 malnourished children and mothers. Our programs include literacy centers, microcredit to poor rural farmers, market gardening projects, schools for poor children, vocational training and business skills training for the unemployed, and occasional emergency relief projects. If you would like to know more about Doulos Community, please visit


Biographical info:
If you would like a formal biographical information sheet about me, please click here. The two most important things to know about me are: 1) that when I was a young man, Jesus changed my life, rescuing me from the brink of self-destruction, and 2) that I have been profoundly changed by the experience of living in the same house with ordinary Muslims in North Africa for 15 years. To read more about how Jesus changed my life, click here. In our life in Mauritania, my wife and I committed ourselves to living among the poor as the poor. We rented one room (then, after our children were born, two rooms) in a house with two local Muslim families, with no running water or electricity, and sharing an outdoor latrine with our neighbors. More than once, through the years, our wonderful Muslim neighbors saved our lives. As we shared in their daily struggles, and they shared in ours, we were deeply touched and changed. To see photos of our life and work in Mauritania, click here. To transfer to my wife’s personal website, click here.

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